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  •   Wiping Rags are packed in 5 kg, 10 kg transparent compressed bales
  •   15 kg to 50kg Polypropylene cloth covered compressed bales
  •   Box packing for household cleaning, industrial cleaning.
  •   200 kg bulk compressed bales for Industrial use
  •   25 kg and 35 kg hessian jute bales of cotton yarn waste

Customized packaging as per the customer request

Transparent compressed bales of 10 KG

Transparent Compressed Bales Of 10 KG

15 Kg PP cloth covered compressed bale

15 Kg PP Cloth Covered Compressed Bale

Box packing for household

Box Packing For Household Cleaning

Hessian jute bales

Hessian Jute Bales Of Cotton Yarn Waste