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Cotton Cleaning Towels

Mix colour Terry Towels Rags

Mix Color Terry Towels

Mix color terry towels are excellent in quality, highly absorbent, hammed /stitched. It is used for general cleaning, windows, glass care, car drying, and kitchen, ideal for janitorial uses. They are cotton made towels available in mix color and provided in mix sizes like 16" x 22”, 14" x 17”, 19" x 19" etc


White Terry Towel Rags

White terry towels Rags are the off cuts of white terry used for cleaning oil & grease and other multiple uses. The white terry rags are cut into mix sizes of 8” X 10”, 10” X 13”, 13”x13”etc. The white terry towels rags are 100% cotton made highly absorbent.

Surgical Towels /Heavy duty cloth towels /Huck Towels

Surgical Towels /Heavy duty cloth towels /Huck Towels

Huck towels are durable low-lint cotton towels used for wiping down surgical instruments after sterilization, made from pure cotton, Hammed / stitched, and they are useful for many other tasks where a clean strong towel is optimal. Ideally used in Hospitals, by window-washers, auto detailers, and professional housecleaners, and they are very popular in many household.


Cotton Shop Towels

100% Cotton hemmed low lint wipers, ideal for the toughest automotive and industrial applications. Great for mechanics, Garages, painters and paint factories, oil industries, ship yards.
Size: 15” X 15” fully hemmed
Color: Red and white


Wash Cloth

100% cotton and hemmed. Pure Cotton Wash Cloth Multi-Purpose, Highly Absorbent Extra Soft
Size 12” x 12” fully hemmed.
Material: 100% soft cotton


  • 100% Cotton fully hammed
  • Absorbent and soft
  • Cleaning of kitchen accessories and multiple uses
Knit waste / Hosiery Cutting Clips (Mix color and white)