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Textile Waste

We offer fine quality of following items in various qualities of cotton and cotton waste / clipping for recycling / cleaning.

  • • Cotton Yarn waste
  • • Cotton Fabric Waste
  • • White Terry Towel clips/Waste / Terry Towels off cuts
  • • Denim Clips
  • • Knit waste or Hosiery cutting Clips

Cotton Yarn Waste

White Cotton yarn wastes are generally available in two categories

  • 1) Soft , ring spun polish yarn waste
  • 2) Yarn waste ,spinning ,oil and grease cleaning

Polish yarn wastes are used for car polishing and other purpose as they give extra shining to the surface, brilliant white in color 100% polyester yarn

Natural 100% cotton yarn spinning wastes are used for cleaning oil and grease application.

Cotton Yarn (Thread ) Waste

Cotton Fabric waste clips

Sami Rags collects large quantity of mix cotton fabric waste clips from textile companies for recycling. It can be provided in mix color and separate in white color Packed in large compressed bales.

Cotton Fabric waste / clips

Terry Towel Clips /Waste/ Terry off cuts(Small Pieces)

Sami Rags collect terry waste/ small pieces of terry towels from leading factories in all over Pakistan and after reconditioning the smaller and bigger pieces of towels we shape it into waste for recycling and rags for cleaning, terry towels clips are available in pure white.

Terry Towel Clips /Waste/ Terry off cuts(small pieces)

Denim Clips

100% cotton and blended denim clips are available for cleaning and recycling. Available in black and blue color, we can also supply these denim clips in separate colors in large quantity packed in large compressed bales.

Denim Clips / Denim waste

Hosiery/Knit Cutting Clips (Mix color and white)

We provide good quality hosiery clipping 100% cotton and in PC. The colored clips/ white hosiery clips are procured from leading garments and textile houses. They are available in a diverse range of colors and customized sizes. They are used in making cotton shoddy which in turn for making yarn, also for fabricating various items that includes cloth wipers, mats, dolls, mops and other purposes

Knit waste / Hosiery Cutting Clips (Mix color and white)

Denim Fabric Cut Pieces

We provide virgin quality stretchable denim fabric cut pieces size ranging from 20 ” X 60” Pieces ideal for making kids jeans. We export the denim fabric in very cheapest rate and export to Middle East, south Asia etc.

Knit waste / Hosiery Cutting Clips (Mix color and white)

100% cotton shoddy

Our 100% Cotton Shoddy are manufactured for various purposes like in pharmaceutical & surgical cotton, in making yarn and in making high quality paper etc , our 100% cotton shoddy is nature white color and export in large compressed bales

Knit waste / Hosiery Cutting Clips (Mix color and white)